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Aviation emergency response planning and management


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Airline Emergency Planning & Response Management

The only thing predictable about an emergency is its unpredictability. An airline can be forgiven for having an accident, but the poor handling of the aftermath of an accident can put the very survivability of the company at stake. Any airline accident or major incident is a big story for the media, and the focus of attention will inevitably be on the handling of survivors and the families of the victims.

More and more countries are enacting stringent laws placing the onus for the care of families and survivors on the concerned airline. Emergency response planning now forms an integral part of the ICAO Safety Management System (SMS) and the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA). An effective emergency response plan and the availability of trained and motivated emergency responders is therefore an essential requirement for every airline today.

Emergency Planning Enterprises (EmPlanE) offers consultancy services in the field of emergency response planning to airlines and airports particularly in the Middle East, Africa and the South Asian region. Our services include the preparation and review of plans, training of management and staff and the conduct of emergency response exercises.

Our services will be particularly beneficial to smaller airlines with limited budgets.

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